Last Cut Crit, the Final Run to Deadline

As deadline is upon us, we suffered our last crit to guide us into making a better animation.

The final crit is always brutal. It is the last time tutors and professionals can tell us what to work on or fix before hand in. This makes the last three weeks of term an even more stressful period.

For me, it is an opportunity to understand where my weaknesses lie. As a beginner in 3D animation, it has been hard for me to understand, when a piece of animation does not work, why. It was nearly impossible for me ,after working on the same scenes for months, to understand where the problems lied.

I was told to first of all shorten the animation and focus fixing what I had left. I cut my animation from five minutes to three. I took off all the scenes that did not work or were not absolutely necessary. I also fastened the pace of some shots that I found too slow.

I also had too many camera angles, which confused the audience. I therefore took them all off and kept one wide angle with some close ups.

My other problem was getting used to 3D animation. Indeed it is not as efficient or fluid as my 2D one. The problem is, animating in 2D has become natural, where I instantly draw how I see the action without thinking about it. In 3D, when you move the controls, you lose this sense of what is working or not, thus making your animation ragged and unnatural.

Moreover, I need to move the core of the character before moving anything else. Sometimes, in my 3D  animation, I forget to drive the body starting with the core.

Identifying all those issues will allow for a better animation at hand in.

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