A Month Until Deadline

A month away from the final deadline, I am finally getting the hang of 3d but severely lacking in time. I knew setting up a 3d character and getting used to 3d animation would take some more time, however, I did not expect it would take that long.

I have always been a perfectionist, so rushing on a project and not being able to go back and correct the animation until it is perfect is a hard step for me, especially considering this is the most important project of the course.

This project has been very stressful for me, and I sometimes wonder if I put the bar too high or expected more than I could do. However, I have learnt so much during this project, the good outweighs the bad. I only wish my project would be perfect, to show people how hard I have been working.

Since the beginning of this project, all I was waiting for was finally able to animate, because it is what I want to showcase, what I learned in this animation course. I am definitely having fun trying to figure out how to animate in 3d what would have been so easy for me to animate in 2d. Nevertheless, the stakes on this project are high, and the stress of delivering something efficient makes this harder.

I have still 2/3 of the animation to do, and even though I have a daily goal and I am getting faster in work, I am afraid to have to cut some moments out to be able to deliver a better animation. I believe this project is also about making these tough decisions to fit in the schedule while still delivering a quality animation.

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