2D Animation vs 3D Animation

Since starting animation, I was always drawn to 2D because a pencil had always been an extension of my hand. Drawing always came so easy to me and I had always loved it. However, I knew this project would be the only chance for me to experience 3D with such a supportive surrounding.

I always also thought the worst thing I would go through in 3D animation would be the rig. I dreaded that the most.

Before starting the proper animation, I was advised to watch hours of videos from 3D animation professionals explaining the basics of 3D animation.

In 2D animation, I had a control and freedom to draw what I wanted, exaggerate what I wanted, change anything at any time, just draw what I felt. Every animator had its own method, what I would do is first put my key poses, check the timing and then just fill in the rest, sometimes drawing by drawing, sometimes adding breakdowns and then putting in betweens.

In 3D animation however, everything is different. The freedom is not there anymore, you can be restricted by the rig, the topology and the computer. It is very hard for me to get used to this. Because I used to be able to control everything before, the animation was completely different. It is now more technical. I need to key every control, put strong keys and breakdowns and check the computer is filling the rest properly. Because this is my first 3D sculpt and rig, I obviously have little mistakes here and there, but it would send me back too much to correct them so I have to work around it.

I have always been very picky and strict in my work always, and I had always been in control. In this project though, it is all about working with what I have and making the best with it. I am sure this is a technique to get used to, but as a traditional artist, it is a radical change that I am happy to work on while a student.


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