How Fantastic Beasts Immerses us in a New World

Every time I go to the movies to watch a Harry Potter movie, I know I am in for quite an experience.

However when I came into the cinema to watch the latest Fantastic Beasts “The Crimes of Grindelwald” I was once again surprised, amazed by the end result.

Since entering the animation world, I have been looking at not only cartoons but also movies in a different way. I guess it is because I now know better about the long process it takes to do one little thing. I also now know you need a whole load of people for one effective minute of movie.

When you enter the movies to watch Fantastic Beasts, you usually have a background in Harry Potter World knowledge. Personally, I have been bather in it since I was 12. So how was it that the new installment takes us to a whole new level? How is it that is still inspires us animators to aim for more?

“Crimes of Grindelwald” opens on a gloomy imprisoned Grindelwald. The tone is directly set when a small creature, property of Grindelwald appears. Because yes, this is Fantastic Beasts after all, and we are reminded the whole way through the movie.

We discover a lot of now unexpected animals, mix of fauna and flora mixed with special effects.

Some may appear longer than others, however I know than one second of this creature needed months and months of work. They all probably have a base, a background story, a character profile, characteristics, a lot of different versions before they even started modeling the animal.

Every movie brings on its fair share of new creatures to add to your encyclopedia.

Another element contributing for a full immersion are the backgrounds. Creating a magical world in relation to actual places, places you may have seen, places you can relate to.  For instance, Paris was recreated at the Leavesden studios.The underground amphitheater at the end of the movie was inspired by the ancient Roman Pantheon while Furstenberg Square in Paris was identified as the entrance to the French ministry of Magic.

Finally, the special effects tied everything perfectly.

As Harry Potter movies rolled out over the years, so did the special effects. They always got more and more impressive. They inspire us animators to excel in our process, to always aim for more.

This new Fantastic Beasts once again inspires me to create, not only by delivering a magical world, but by delivering a beautifully efficient one thanks to his characters, backgrounds and effects.


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