My Book Collection

I have to tell you something. I really do not believe in e-books. As long as you do not see the paper, feel it, smell the ink on paper, you cannot be inspired.

Reading as always been a religion to me. It has always inspired me. I treat every book as a piece of art. If it is a good one, it will transport me to different places, make me sad, or happy, or mad. Everything that you do should always be for that purpose. That is the goal I want to reach when I animate. I want people to immerse in my piece of animation.

I have developed my love of books very early on thanks to my parents. I went from Disney to Harry Potter to Twilight (yes, yes I did that) to Lord of the Rings and so on. Then I moved to art books. Traditional classical and modern art books, museum books to concept art books to animation books to character design books. I have so many shelves my room might crumble under the weight of it.

I guess every art relates to the other. I may love this movie, so I buy the concept art book about it. I love this manga, so I watch the anime. I like this anime, so I buy the character design book about it. Every art has a correlation to each other.

Kids were watching TV (and believe me so was I) and I always had a book in my bag (still do-currently reading the red queen, about 700 pages, probably not the best choice to carry around in my bag all day).

Anyway here is a little visual list of my most priced posessions:

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