Anime as a Source of Inspiration

As every illustrator whom ever lived through our time, I did not escape japanese animes. Actually i was raised as much with animes as with every other cartoon style.

I believe there are 3 schools you are raised with and choose when growing up: the school of Disney-Pixar-type of animations , the school of Cartoon Network and the school of animes.

There was quite the boom in 2000s in mangas and animes. It was all the rage. I was obsessed with the style, the details they put in and the quality they aspired to. So I started drawing animes. The style felt so delicate under my touch and so foreign, it was quite the challenge.

Then growing up I had a bit of a fall out until… I went into animation. I started watching animes with a different eye. Well, when I started doing animation, I truthfully started watching everything with a different eye!

Something you quickly notice when you watch japanese anime as an animator is how smart the animations are.

If you know japanese anime then you know it usually comes with quite the exaggerations, big moves and fights. “Naruto” is the perfect example of a japanese anime (also my favorite).

Naruto is all about fights and powers. That is something you would think will take ages to animate. Especially considering it as a TV series. However, the clever way they pulled it of is by extreme close ups and angles. Minimum movement, maximum impact.

With japanese animes also comes a whole new world of thought and mythology bringing amazingly inspired stories. Stories you would not think about, stories that inspire you.

A good example of that is “Sword Art Online”. This series talks about a world where everyone immerses themselves into a virtual reality game. One day they find themselves trapped in that game with very real consequences.

Now these types of animes are addressed to a youth audience as well as an adult one with plausible problems and stories that you may face one day.

Lastly, japanese animes is one of the last style to mostly use 2D which guarantees me work!

In the end japanese animes cleverly turn their diverse stories into beautiful efficient animations making it a popular source of entertainment.

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