Creating Stylized Characters

The more I get through this Character Animation course, the more I realize character design is one of the process I enjoy the most.

We did brush past it in class, however I wanted to investigate more. The most usual way for me to do that is usually to purchase a book. Of course, the older and more interested I get, the more books I collect.

I finally landed my choice on “Creating Stylized Characters” by 3Dtotalpublishing.

This book explores the fundamentals from simplified shapes to lines of action to expressions to color schemes and outfits.

As the grad film is approaching, character design is going to be 50% of the success of the piece.

I have been looking around at animators and illustrators and observing their styles as well as process to get an idea of where I am going for for my final piece. I have also done some observational work for my main character which I want to start developing.

Since it is an animal, it was pretty easy to find reference online and start creating, thanks to all this, the character I had in my mind.

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