ENO Group Project

For the ENO project, I was lucky enough to be put in a group of a project I really admire. Working with Rishabh and Erick on an environmental piece grounded in Rishabh’s geographical and traditional background, I had to start by doing research.

Rishabh gave me a list to look at as well as his presentation. His list consisted of looking at the Sundarbans, Pattachitra, “Tara, A Tigress”, as well as the Rohingya crisis and the NRC draft.

Sundarbans is a national park between India and Bangladesh , an area full in fauna and flora diversity.

Pattachitra is an ancient Bengali narrative art usually depicting stories of Hindu deities:

“Tara, A Tigress”, by Billy Arjan Singh, is an observation of a tigress named Tara, transferred from a Zoo in England to Nepal.

Billy Arjan Singh fought for the protection of tigers, managed to ban shooting tigers in India and helped to the creation of Dudhwa National Park in Nepal.

Finally the Rohingya crisis is Rohingya migrants from Birmany or Bangladesh trying to flee to Thailand , Malaysia and Indonesia in 2015.



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