Children Society Animation Process

When starting  a project, I alway start  building character designs and backgrounds to set the mood of the story. For this particular project, I looked for inspiration in  Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” and “Peter Pan” backgrounds to set a night time, blue mood. This ambiance helps reflecting the girl’s state of mind.

When settling on the mood for the animation, I started with visuals to further advance the story.

Once the mood and characters were in place, we had one month to go for the animation. With planning, we had to finish the animation in 2 weeks to have 1 week to clean and 1 week to colour.

The animation is about a wolf representing the girl’s mental issues. The wolf needed to be introduced as a threatening and scary character, which meant the pace of the first short when the wolf comes in needed to be slow. However, whenever working with a particular piece of audio, the timing may be diverted. In order to speed the scene, the girl was placed in the middle so that, even if the wolf slowly gets to her, it could fit with the timing.

The challenge was trying to fit this particular detailed style in such a short timeline. While I would not give up on the color, I had to give up on shading and highlighting to achieve a more 3D feel.

This project pushed me to the limits, trying to achieve the best result you can in a short amount of time while still pleasing the client.



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