New Era of Artists

As previously stated, I have always had a thing for “classical” art. As I grew up, I developed a new understanding of the word “art”. In the beginning, I viewed art as strictly the expression of something through painting or sculpture. Later on, I understood filmmaking was also art. But architecture is also an art.  As much as acting or journalism or business. In the end, I believe art is an expression of knowledge/mastery in one’s industry. It does obviously vary depending which industry you are in. Art of business might not relay emotions while painting most certainly will. Perfect visual effects are an art, however, they sometimes only aim for reality not emotionality.

In the end we all have different artists that we admire in all the industries. I imagine business students would consider Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as an artist.

As I grew into my art, I discovered new artists. Through comics first, with “Asterix” and Uderzo

 But also through comics, with Walt Disney, whom I consider to be a genius in filmmaking and business

The Nine Old Men

Yes, all men, but all insanely good at animation.

Then Hayao Miyazaki, the all rounder, good at everything

And finally John Lasseter,

not just because he put 3D on the table but also because he did not give up. And that is an art.

When choosing animation, it is not your style out there anymore. It is your sweat, tears, hard work and dedication, and sometimes, hopefully, it pays up, and you get to inspire like those people did.

Paris the City of Art, Part 2

Paris, Le Louvres, Le Louvres, Paris. They are inseparable. Especially when your area of expertise is art.

I love looking at “Les Noces de Cana” (Paul Véronèse) while everyone is walking on each other just across trying to look at/or a replica of “La Joconde” by Da Vinci.

I find it ridiculous everyone just getting mad over a tiny painting society said is brilliant. It might or might not be, however, the Louvres is full of brilliant paintings and sculptures! “Les Noces de Cana” have always been one of my favorite. The colors, composition, setting and historical reference but also the hidden messages are appealing in every way.

It is funny how proud I feel to be French when I am in this museum. Not because it is so huge and so famous, just because, french painters are amazing. And of course yes Paul Cézanne and yes Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Gauguin, Courbet, Rousseau, Seurat,… But I mean

Eugène Delacroix, “La Liberté Guidant le Peuple”, or one of the most impressive piece of art I have ever seen. How to capture a major change in one image. How to represent France in one image. Freedom represented as a woman, the colors, all in the palette of the french flag, the majestic size, all attracts me to this piece.

In the Louvres, I catch myself sitting and staring endlessly at the work. From Delacroix but also from Théodore Géricault and his “Radeau de la Méduse”.

This piece is 419x716cm.  I confess I have spent many hours looking at it. It is depicting quite a frightening story of a boat that sunk and the survivors that had to survive on a piece of wood for days, hungry, dehydrated, driven to madness and cannibalism.

The composition and size works as if the people at the back are human size while the ones at the front are twice the human size. The pyramidal composition and the bodies stack intend to immerse you in the piece. And so it does. And so I hope my work does to someone one day. Different medium of transmission, but hopefully same effect.