Paris the City of Art

Paris has always been known as the city of heart, love and romanticism, for me however, it has always been the city that inspired me to do arts.

In high school, the annual trip for the art/cinema/literature section was Paris. There was no way we were French and we would not go up to the capital to explore all the art it could offer. We would visit Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rodin but also Picasso, Dali and so on.

But I have always been in art in the classical sense of the term. Surrealism and modernism was always a mystery to me. Probably because it is hard for me to feel the way I feel when I see renaissance paintings, impressionism or romanticism.

Take Rodin for instance.

I remember strolling through his garden in Paris, now a museum, quiet and peaceful. It felt like a religious experience. The silence just felt right. The sculptures were majestic yet delicate, you could forget they weight tons. When you see “The Thinker” you feel strong, posed,in reflexion. When you see “The Kiss”, you feel moved, fragile.

I was so impressed by his work that I started drawing from his sculptures. I could perceive feelings coming out of them.

Finally, “The Gate to Hell” , one of the major work of the artist, also one of the hardest, made of more than 200 figures and groups, took my breath away. Not only in the incredible detailing, the size, but also the different emotions it conveyed. This is what I consider to be the work of a real artist. Art is supposed to be hard and to make you suffer for it, you will never really be satisfied. In the end, the real work is not only the beauty, but the fact that people can feel what you felt through the piece.


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