Ready Player One

Going to the cinema is now a luxury that we cannot repeat often. When on break, I always try to go to the movies as much as possible. To me, if a movie is good, it will inspire me to create.

It was obvious that sooner or late I would go watch “Ready Player One” (Steven Spielberg, 2018). This is the kind of movie i am particularly fond of. Science fiction has always amazed me, and Spielberg is king of a king in this world. Moreover, the constant nerd references they were promising were in the movie were really attractive. As usual before a movie that is based on a book, I purchased the book first. I find it really interesting to be able to compare the differences. I could spot many in the first ten minutes of the movie and then during the whole movie.

Nevertheless, despite the differences, Spielberg did the job. The animation, 3d, special effects and motion capture were beautifully crafted. What is interesting is to see how, in a world where 3d strives to resemble reality and succeeds, the animators on this movie must have had fun to represent a more “simple”, stylized video games style.

The references were alone a joy to the spectator. From the famous Delorean from “Back to the Future”( Robert Zemeckis, also the name of a rubik’s cube that can turn back time, 1985),  to “Lord of the Rings” (Peter Jackson,2001),to Star Trek, to Tomb Raider, to King Kong, to the “Iron Giant” (Brad Bird, 1999),to Robocop, to Ninja Turtles, to Mickael Jackson, to Marvel, to “Adventure”, and so on. It was a pure delight for the nerd in me.


“Ready Player One” is everything we can expect from a Hollywood Science Fiction blockbuster. It is loud, it is impressive, it explodes, it surprises but it is also beautiful, inspiring,  and delightful. A movie that can inspire.

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