Break but not Really

After researching the project’s initial idea and story, I sent a summary to the Children’s Society for feedback.

However, they felt the animation was not fitting the experience and were worried the child would be offended to be represented by a dog. This is a setback I have previously met working as a freelance illustrator. The important thing is to move on and come up with a new, better idea.

Fortunately, even though I was away, I was lucky to be able to discuss this with a few of my classmates that helped me and bounced some ideas on me. A new idea has now been developed and hopefully approved next week. I do hope that I can still realize this in 3d, however, I now have to research sculpting and rigging human characters.

In addition to developing the Children’s Society project, I have been working on my animated documentary essay. I have watched “Life,Animated”, a 2016 documentary about autism using pieces of animation, live action and interviews as well as “A for Autism” , a 1992 short animated documentary.  I now plan on using both these animations to demonstrate how animation deals with such a delicate health topic. Both the documentaries use very different types of animations and in very different ways, which I believe; put next to the live action pieces; gives me a clear idea of what animation brings to documentaries.

Moreover, I have been reading information about autism and comparing it to its portrayal in animation. The “Animated Documentary” book by Annabelle Honess Roe gives me more insight and history about animated documentaries that I can as well use in my argument. This is and will be a challenge as essays are not part of my habits anymore and expressing ideas clearly is not my forte.

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