Children’s Society Process

As the term ends and we go on to have a break, we really do not.

Just before the term ended, we had a few classes to prepare us for what is expected of us. One in particular, storytelling with Clare Murphy, was very useful. We went on to exercise our brain through little tasks to be creative and ended up sharing ideas about the Children’s Society project. I realized though I thought I did not really know how to create stories, once I put my brain in the right place, I could think about a 1000 of them.

I left this class having a clear idea of what I wanted to do. Moreover, I already knew which style I wanted to go into. We are creating to tell a story, but also to attract and touch people for the cause. In addition, we need to keep in mind the children are going to watch their story turned into animation. I thus want to create a universal animation, that everyone will understand and relate to. It is clear then that I want to avoid using human characters as much as possible. My mind was set on using dogs as metaphors for the characters.

Now it is all about research, practice and scheduling. I have been looking at the style of the “101 Dalmatians”, “Lady and the Tramp” and “Bolt” for visual research. I have also set out a schedule to hopefully not be out of time. The first step is to be able to formulate the idea and have a visual to send for the Children’s Society to look at and give feedback.

Finally, I count on Youtube and Lynda to be my new best friends and teach me sculpting and rigging in 3D.


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