Body Language Exercise

Second semester has started, and a new rhythm with it. Gone are the days where every key pose and breakdown needed for a piece of animation was provided for.

We now use our own stories and create the animation from top to bottom. It feels like I have been dropped in the ocean and can barely swim. Thankfully, I do know in which order to proceed.

To animate a body language change, I first filmed myself in the act I wanted to reproduce.

My character, Count Drunkula, is trying to open a jar of eyes. A huge jar. He tries twisting it. It does not work. He tries clinging on to it to twist the top. Still does not work. He takes a step back and thinks about it.He then pushes himself all the way back to defeat this lid. Still is not working. He takes a step back again. This time, he is not happy and starts tapping his foot on the floor as a nervous rictus to try and calm himself. His arms are crossed, his brows furrowed. That’s it. He takes the jar and gets mad. He falls on the floor with it and takes it into a deadly embrace. He rolls from left to right, his arms and legs desperately crossed around the jar, grasping to open it.

However, the acting in my video was not exaggerated enough for my taste. So I to draw the key poses with the scene I had in mind. The movements are exaggerated and the scene may bit too long.

The second step will be to draw the breakdown , then the in betweens and finally clean the scene.

I ideally want to add later on another character. Grollo, Cound Drunkula’s monster pet, would arrive walking like a chameleon, sit on his bottom on the floor, pick up the jar and lift the lid easily with his tail. But this story is for later on.

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