4 Legged Walk and Run Research

When the first semester ended, we were left with an assignment that both excited me and scared me. Directly after finishing studying 2 legged walks, which I still struggle with, we attacked 4 legged. Twice the number, 100 times more difficult.

The thing is I made my life even more complicated when choosing the animals. I did not want to animated the standard horse or normal dog, or even stick to one animal, noon, I created my own. I started looking at animals, wondering which I would like to animate walking, which I would like to animate running. Quickly I was drawn to Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev small sculptures.

They mix animals to create all new creatures. From then on, I knew I wanted to create a derivative of some kind of rat. The story bloomed from there. I decided to create pets for my mad scientist character, Count Drunkula. Obviously, Count Drunkula would have made experiments on weird rats such as the capybaras. That was the primary shape. But then, looking at the shape, I thought it would create quite the character to have crossed with a chameleon. “Grollo”, as I later named him, will walk like a chameleon, in a circular, slow manner, and have eyes and tail like a chameleon.

I thought this pet might feel alone and weird. So I created its opposite: the cutest dog you can think of, a corgi. “Corgi” is a normal cute corgi whom wishes he was more scary, like Grollo. So Count Drunkula gave him a scary collar and googly eyes. The contrast between Grollo and Crogi makes them quite the pair.

I then drew the animals and their respective bones to know how they will move.

I have been studying their walks and habits for weeks and hope to be able to translate this, plus the character I gave them, in this small piece of animation.


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