Lion King

On November 24, I was lucky to go and watch the “Lion King” musical Lyceum Theatre in London. The piece was visually so beautifully crafted that it inspired me.

I was so amazed to discover the many ways they translated this motion picture into a theatre piece. Lion King has always been one of Disney’s Legends, but also I believe, one of the hardest one to translate into a live show. Between the animals and the sets, it was hard to imagine how they could create it. Then, the show started. And everything was alive. The stage moves, the grass is personalized by people, the masks are animated, the visions projected and the puppets are mechanized.

The use of puppets and masks was very predominant and got me really curious about the process.

I went on to watch a small documentary about the puppet and costume section of the show and was surprised to discover the little mechanics in each prop.

YouTube Preview Image

It is hard for me to get curious about the works of a play but this really broadened my interest in puppet and props. The art that goes all around it is fascinating.

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