Third Week of Character Animation

I have officially survived my third week in Character Animation. I can feel the rhythm picking up now and I am trying to follow.

Between life drawing, 2D, TVPaint, Maya, movie project, student presentation and blog, I am trying not to loose myself. It is so many things to learn at once. I take notes, I stay attentive, I plan and I practice.

The hardest for me was to survive the 3D Maya class. I came here with no knowledge whatsoever of animation, and even less of computers. I was truly lost like I had never been before. It is new for me. I am usually on top of things, I plan perfectly and I dont stress about my work.

However, I felt distressed during this week’s classes. I wondered if I fit in this program after all. And what if I fail? After everything I gave up to come here. Thankfully, I am very lucky to have incredible classmates who nicely agreed to help me. Those with a TVPaint and Maya background helped giving me advice and tips after classes on how to use those programs. But that is not all, they also gave me comfort.

I believe that if I work hard enough, and if I ask for help when I need it, I can make it.

So let’s just see how I get on.

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